SolarHome is expanding its presence in Ayeyarwaddy

Yangon,25th September, 2017: SolarHome, the first driving force in clean energy services for rural areas in the SEA, is expanding its presence in Ayeyarwaddy region of Myanmar by opening two more operational hubs which would cover Hinthada, Myaung Mya, Einme, Kandgidaung, Ngapudow and several other townships.

As a result of the expansion about  570 000 off-grid households are covered by SolarHome operations and have an access to the affordable solar energy services.

SolarHome believes that launching regional hubs is the way to deliver high-quality solar lighting solutions to off-grid households through the network of agents travelling to the remote villages and presenting the products. Targeted at the poorest households who cannot afford the high upfront cost of having the reliable solar lighting equipment, SolarHome offers affordable service plans ranging from 5,000 MMK to 12,000 MMK monthly payment. The company provides services including two-year warranty, free consultation, delivery, installation and other support to its customers, which is highly valued.

SolarHome is also proud of creating the job opportunities in one of the most economically depressed and suffering from the cyclone Nargis consequences and regular flooding area of Myanmar. More than 30 people among native Ayeyarwaddy citizens, who are already employed by SolarHome, have a decent income and the team is growing rapidly.

There are around 500 SolarHome systems installed in Ayeyarwaddy region households so far and many more are yet to come in the nearest future.


About SolarHome

SolarHome ( is a Southeast Asian pioneer in Pay-As-You-Go (“PAYG”) Solar for the off-grid poor sectors of the population. Its revolutionary PAYG Solar business model offers off-grid customers “rent-to-own” plans for energy service subscription at a radically affordable price ranging from 3$ to 15$ per month. This approach helps the poor bring down the barriers to Solar Home Systems ownership. Pioneered in East Africa, the PAYG approach has been remarkably successful in bringing clean and affordable energy to millions of off-grid customers in just a few years. SolarHome is the first company, which implemented this business model in Southeast Asia where over 150 million people still live off-grid, and did it successfully. Headquartered in Singapore, SolarHome currently operates in Myanmar, with plans to expand across Southeast Asia and become one of the leading for-profit social enterprises in the region.


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by 25.09.2017