SolarHome reaches 6,000 households in rural Myanmar

Yangon, April 5, 2018 —  SolarHome, the pioneer in Pay-As-You-Go (“PAYG”) solar for off-grid households in Southeast Asia, has reached the milestone of 6,000 solar home systems installed in rural areas of Ayeyarwaddy and Dry Zone of Myanmar.

SolarHome launched just over a year ago as one of the first companies in Southeast Asia (SEA) to provide Pay-As-You-Go solar home systems to poor households living off the electrical grid. SolarHome is now present in 12 townships in the Ayeyarwaddy delta area and the Dry Zone.  More than 1 million people live off-grid in these areas.  Starting from only 5000 MMK per month, SolarHome products are affordable to even the poorest villagers. The systems are designed to deliver affordable clean energy to rural households, using waterproof high-quality panels, long-lasting batteries and unbreakable lamps which can operate in the challenging rural environments of SEA.  By using only the highest quality products combined with a 2-year warranty and service quality of a high standard, supported by a skilled local, in-house sales team, reliable customer service, SolarHome has differentiated itself from all other solar companies in the market.

“Most people who subscribe to our services are living in rural areas and are using candles and batteries. For these people we bring affordable and reliable light, phone charging and entertainment. What we do is especially important for families with kids, since they need good quality light to study. We also help villagers reduce their monthly expenses on lighting because many of them spend a significant amount of their monthly income on dim, unhealthy and unreliable light from candles or diesel-charged batteries. We also do our best to educate villagers on the potential hazards that candles and batteries impose especially now, in the peak of the summer season.»

«Our mission is to deliver to every Myanmar household the message that with the help of companies like SolarHome renewable solar energy becomes safer, cheaper, cleaner and more reliable than most of the other energy sources available for off-grid households, “said Mila Bedrenets, deputy CEO of Solar Home.

According to the Department of Rural Development data, only 16 percent of Myanmar households in rural areas are connected to the electrical grid. The government launched the National Electrification Plan together with the World Bank and other development agencies, to achieve universal access to reliable electricity by 2030. The plan covers gird off-grid solutions, including PAYG. SolarHome installs over 2,000 solar home systems per month supporting the government’s plan.  SolarHome currently operates a team of 150 sales personnel, committed to delivering affordable, clean, and safe solar energy to the people of Myanmar.



About SolarHome

SolarHome is the pioneer in Pay-As-You-Go (“PAYG”) Solar for off-grid households in Southeast Asia.  SolarHome installs  IFC-World Bank’s Lighting Global certified integrated solar energy and appliance units in customers’ homes, and offers radically affordable “rent-to-own” plans of energy service subscription.  This dramatically lowers the barriers to adoption of solar technology by the bottom-of-pyramid clients.  SolarHome is delivering a significant social impact in its addressable market of 27 million households across Southeast Asia living outside of the electric grid.   Headquartered in Singapore, SolarHome presently operates in Myanmar.  SolarHome was seeded and developed by FORUM, a leading fintech venture builder in Emerging Asia.


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