Our Business

Starting and building fintech market leaders for capital gain


Retail finance follows a pattern of predictable growth across emerging markets. This gives us the ability to predict and replicate business models, market segments and winning strategies for Emerging Asia (ex-China) markets.


We identify seasoned CEOs and co-founders, provide seed funding, and support the launch - from building the team to strategic business development.


We provide strategic leadership, shared services as well as access to a global network of senior advisors, operating partners and investors with deep expertise in the fintech sector.

Our Team

Retail Finance in Emerging Asia (ex-China) is a Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

2.2 billion

Emerging Asia Population

$300 billion

Retail Banking Revenue Pool


Without Bank Accounts

$1 trillion

Consumer Lending Asset Class Potential

Proprietary World-Class Domain Expertise


Deep bench of highly skilled and internationally-mobile retail banking professionals


Extensive pool of world-class IT and Data Science resources


Unparalleled global network of senior operating partners to strategically advise on specific area development

Our global pool of senior operating partners and senior advisors provide leadership and mentorship to each critical business function as well as access to regional industry networks.

To-date we have helped our companies to create over $50 million in shareholder-value, while becoming globally recognised category leaders in their markets.
Our ventures are run by seasoned co-founders with prior C-level and retail finance expertise. Our FORUM team provides strategic leadership, shared services support, and access to a global network of investors, senior operating partners and advisors.